Mistress Kamila


Mistress Kamila

I am your ultimate Amazonian muscle queen. I am one of 4 Mistresses in the great FemDomPowerHouse and I enjoy many dominant acts such as physical domination, worship, lift and carry, facesitting, role play, cbt, nipple play, pegging. I am very open minded and like to cater each session for each individual, developing a connection with my subs is very important to me so you can learn to serve me better.

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5ft9 100kg
being an Amazonian Queen.

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17-18 May 2024 Stockholm

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1 review
  • Femdfan

    A Captivating Experience with Mistress Kamila: Strength and Dominance Personified:

    My session with Mistress Kamila was an absolute revelation. From the moment I entered her domain, I was struck by her commanding presence and undeniable physical strength. Mistress Kamila exudes dominance in every movement, and her towering stature only adds to her formidable aura.

    Throughout our session, Mistress Kamila showcased her incredible physical prowess with effortless ease. I was under her complete control and at her mercy the whole time. Her strong and confident demeanor instilled a sense of awe and reverence within me, as I willingly surrendered to her control. With each gesture, she asserted her dominance, leaving no doubt as to who was in charge.

    What truly impressed me was Mistress Kamila’s ability to seamlessly blend her physical strength with her deep understanding of BDSM dynamics. She wielded her power with precision, effortlessly guiding me through a journey of submission and exploration. Her grasp of my desires and boundaries was both intuitive and empathetic, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience throughout.

    Beyond her physical prowess, Mistress Kamila’s passion for domination shone through in every interaction. Her genuine enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to her craft elevated the session to new heights, leaving me utterly captivated by her presence.

    She is an expert when it comes to pegging. She started slow and as my rear started to adjust to her big dildo, she literally made me her whore added with verbal humiliation.

    In conclusion, my session with Mistress Kamila was a transformative experience that exceeded all expectations. Her unparalleled physical strength, combined with her mastery of domination, makes her a true force to be reckoned with in the BDSM world. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking an unforgettable journey into submission.

    Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Mistress Kamila, thank you for showing me the true meaning of strength and dominance. I eagerly anticipate our next encounter.

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