Mistress Isadora


Mistress Isadora

Superb BDSM delivered by my expert hands. I’m the succubus from your wettest nightmare. Like a siren,  I lure  men into my realm using my exquisite beauty , superior intellect, and devious mind. As a Scorpio, eroticism is in my nature. You will surrender yourself to my depraved desires. You will continuously beg me to push you to your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I become an addiction you can’t quit.  Your need for me will pulse through your veins.

I enjoy inflicting not only physical but mental anguish. I revel in psychodrama. I am an erotic provocateur with a penchant for CBT among other perversions. I delight in watching you quiver with anticipation of what is to come. You will want to impress me by enduring torment and humiliation.

I am a discerning and distinguished Domina with over a decade of  professional experience and a lifetime of breaking the male ego. My interests are wide and varied. I revel in a multi layered scene with those who have depth to their interests and or the willingness to explore. I session with both novices and experienced players. I don’t take scripted scenes yet I do enjoy a creative fantasy to play off of. I prefer to flow without certain expectations.

Though I am not a wrestler, I have been a dancer my entire life and an aerialist. I am fit and in great shape. I have been a burlesque performer for 17 years. A am a beginner aerialist, a little over a year as of 2024. Staying active also helps with kicking sub's ass.

I truly enjoy what I do therefore I will not take a session I am not interested in. I am honest about that as I want us to have a mutually satisfying session. Some of my interests and areas of expertise are listed here. For a more in depth list of interests and my protocol to book, read my website.

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4'11, 110 lbs
CBT, Bondage, Impact Play, Corporal Punishment, Slave Training, Psychodrama, Reprograming

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