Miss Juli


Miss Juli

Together we embark on a journey. Sometimes you know beforehand where the journey will take you and you are already full of joy and excitement because you know yourself well, or because we have discussed the direction of our play. Sometimes the journey is a big surprise for you and the opportunity is there for you to explore and experiment. I am completely present for you and accompany you through the variety of your emotions, states of being and through the situations you find yourself in. Your boundaries are very important to me. Mutual trust is essential so that we both feel comfortable.

Quality comes when we both create together. You bring your ideas, your stories, your curiosity, your openness about your inner processes and your perceptions. I hold the space, create the flow and use my skills and knowledge to connect with you. I will awaken your senses and bring you into your body through the infinite possibilities within BDSM!

Our encounter is unique and you are the focal point.

Over the years I've acquired many skills. Check my website for a full list of BDSM practices I offer.

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bondage & shibari, erotic hypnosis, reiki & bodywork, impact play, roleplay, breath control, sensual dominance ... etc

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