Miss Jessica Hyde


Miss Jessica Hyde

Let’s go deeper… Do you have a fetish you are yearning to explore? Want to know more about BDSM in the flesh? Keen to scratch a deep kink itch? I might have just the thing…

I am Jessica Hyde, Sadist with a smile, Kink Enthusiast and Pro Dominatrix. Playful pervert, pain specialist, pleasure sensualist, and a whirlwind of dark feminine energy. What sets me apart is my passion, vitality and creativity, my natural Dominance and appreciation for all things taboo, and my deep true adoration of being true to oneself, exploring all those inviting corners. I like to use and explore my subjects with intimate cruelty. 


Surrender your shame, bring me your dark delights. There's so much to explore. 


Sessions with me span across the spectrum of playful, soft erotic exploration, to hardcore sadistic pain/pleasure surrender. I take pride in my expertise, and take my time to get to know what you need, and where to probe to open you up. 

Whether you think you know exactly how you need to be humbled, or it’s all new and oh so shiny, I want to unfurl that mind of yours and find out what happens when the curtains are drawn. Whether you consider yourself a masochist, or a submissive, a fetishist, a bottom or a service sub…it matters not. My many years of experience have gifted me the insight, raw skill and power necessary to bring both newbies and seasoned flesh offerings to their knees in sessions with me. 

I have been twisting nipples, prostrating pets and making masochists moan for 13 years, 6 of them as a professional Switch, and now solely a Professional Femdom Dominatrix for the last 7 years. My experience at both ends of the dynamic has gifted me a deep insight into all things BDSM. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to turn you into putty in my capable hands.

I specialise in pain, play and sensuality with all these flavours; Traditional CP, Impact play, especially canes and floggers, Roleplay, CBT, Bondage, Shibari / Rope Bondage, electro-play, predicaments both bondage and otherwise, Foot fetish, hair fetish, body worship, HS & WS, orgasm control, pet play, dehumanisation, spanking, nipple torture, chastity, ritual, gender play, slave training, worship, water-sports, mindfuckery and sensory play....phew.... And these are just a few of my favourite things. It's much less about the shopping list, and much more about the recipe.

Sessions with me are equally terrifying and fun. I am here because this makes me feel alive. It’s too easy to spend too much time pretending to be something you are not, palatable, polite and in denial. I want to make you feel alive, and I will use my intuition, hard earned knowledge and sadistic creativity to make you yearn and moan and writhe under my skilful control. Each encounter is tailored to our unique intimate connection. I use my fierce eroticism to play at your edges, and I will have you begging for more. More than anything I value mutual respect. I will respect your limits, your honesty, and the trust that you place in me as your Mistress in the time we share together. It is the exchange of respect and trust that allows us to truly delve into all those secret corners of self. I want to open you up and show you to yourself.  

I cater to a wide variety of kinks and experience levels, whether you are a curious novice or well versed, and all my sessions begin with a quick chat and check in. If it is our first time playing together, I will probe you to find out what makes you tick, to find those little gaps that need prising open, and I always practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink in my sessions, respecting hard limits, and taking medical needs in mind. I am open to see men, women, queer clients and couples, and have a lifetime of experience in alternative communities. I value honesty and clear communication, and expect any inquiries to be written with respect and integrity. I have been probing bodies and minds for long enough that nothing can shock me, bring me your filth and fantasy.

I use a variety of spaces mostly in London, both fully equipped dungeon and domestic spaces, depending on the needs for the session. My main spaces are in Central, North and East London, with access to many others. I do also sometimes travel to other locations, and if enough inquiries are made, I will organise tours. You can also get to know me through my clip stores, twitter and website, though nothing is quite as perfect as being in my presence. 

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Domination, CP, Bondage, Electro, CBT, Predicaments, HS, Sensual, Training, Sadist and Nurturer

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