Madam Mysteria


Madam Mysteria

Madam Mysteria is a professional dominatrix and session wrestler from Prague, now based in Athens, travels worldwide.
Her speciality is domination wrestling combined with bondage, spanking, foot fetish and more.....If you are an admirer of strong muscular women she is the right Mistress for you. She has the mental and physical power to make you her toy.
Background: a gymnast, circus acrobat, bodybuilder, powerlifter.

Mistress activities:
Beatdowns, Ballbusting, Belly Punching, Kicking, One - Sided Boxing
Semi-Competitive /Fantasy / Domination Wrestling - Scissors - Arm Wrestling
Anal and Strap On Play, Strap On Lift & Carry - limit 80kg / 176lbs, Fisting
Body Worship / no nude /
Simple Bondage
Pantyhose, Stockings, Fishnet Fetish
Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
Hand / Foot Job
Corporal Punishment
Face sitting / no nude /
Face Slapping and Spitting
Foot Fetish, High Heels, Boots Fetish
PVC, Spandex Fetish
Nipple Tease
Role Play Fantasies
Sensual Tie & Tease
Lift & Carry / limit 85kg /188lbs


Additional Information

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165 cm / 5'5 - 71 kg / 156 lbs
submission / fantasy / pin wrestling, arm wrestling, fantasy / 1 sided boxing - kick boxing, beatdowns, scissoring, lift & carry, muscle worship, domination - belly punching, ballbusting, trampling, spanking, bondage, facesitting, cbt, nipple play, foot fetish, breath play, tickling, strap on, role play

Tour Dates

Dates & Locations
1 - 2 July, London Gatwick / Crawley, UK

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  • Matthias

    I had a session with Mysteria on December 21st, 2023 in a Viennese hotel. Since this was my first time I didnt know what to expect and how to react. Our mail communication had been swift, but we were not exactly sure how my wishes (tickling with bondage) would be incorporated. Thankfully, when I saw her at the elevator, I was immediately hooked and we seemed to be connecting more and more to each other. After weh ad arrived in her rroom we undressed and discussed my wishes: I knew we should use classic domination with tickling and bondage.
    And thus the session began. After she had shown me her muscles she immediately started moving me like a wooden puppet and sat on me. At first she also used a lot of trash talk and said I couldnt get out. And indeed her long silver nails that started tickling my belly and chest were really diabolical. And I saw that I couldnt get out. At least I was laways allowed to touch her round shaped bottom and her beautiful breasts. But when she then saw that her dominance was becoming a bit too overwhelming for a shy rookie like me, she could still adapt to it and put me at ease. My favourite moments were when she sat on my face and tickled my belly while i tried to shove her off- and a form of camel clutch, so when she controlled my legs with only her feet and needed only one hand to hold both of my arms, while her other hand tickled my armpit. I felt as if silk would be surrounding me or I would be bathing in milk and honey and there was a lot of light inside my heart- so in other words, it was a very relieiving experience. I felt so secure when she caressed me and I stopped fighting back. With her experience as bodybuilder and wrestler she would have been unbeatable anyway.
    After half an hour she tied me up with shackles and didnt hold back any longer: She fiercely tickled my thighs, belly and navel also using a brush (eventhough her nails were already strong enough). At that point I almost burst out laughing due tot he extreme speed at which she tickled me.
    At the end we started cuddling and kissed each other while we talked about our own lives. She also gave me some great advice regarding the wrestling industry. I cannot recommend her enough, so thanks a lot fort hat christmas present. Hugs and kisses

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